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The "Top 5" E.P is our first official proof of life.

Musicians on "Top 5" are:
( left to right )

Bass & Backing Vocals


Guitar & Vocals

Guitar & Vocals

We formed "The Kid In Us" in March 2011.

The 4 of us have been around in the Punk scene for some years by then.
We still play in the bands we started doing music with,
or others we simply joined later.
Such as:
"We Will Fly" / "Distressed" / "Radio Havanna"
"Featuring Yourself" / "Frontkick" / "Rantanplan"

We dived into this music and its scene head over heals
when we were young kids.
It simply gave us the blast and motivation we needed for our lives
and couldn´t get anywhere else back in the day.
We love putting good songs together and playing them live on tour.
The 4 of us even met by doing so.
After 10 years of being in bands and living our dreams
we thought it was time to try something new,
something different besides our (way harder) bands.

This is what it has become so far.
Let´s see where the future leads us to.

Because it´s all about the kid in us... <3


released May 12, 2012

All songs were written by The Kid In Us.
Top five was produced and recorded by The Kid In Us,
in several rehearsal rooms and apartments in Berlin fall 2011
Mixed by Kay Peterson & Andreas Hartmann.
Mastered by Kay Peterson.


all rights reserved



THE KID IN US Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Insomnia
That‘s it! There it is!
I knew the day would come
I‘d have to face all my wrongs... and just try to move on...
How contradictory is this?
The more I haste the longer it takes as if I wouldn't try hard enough...

It‘s 5 o‘clock in the morning,
I couldn't sleep that's why I'm watching the sun breaking through
heavy clouds, now leave me alone,
I think I‘m dying from insomnia How contradictory!
How contradictory!

Fuck this! There I go fighting useless wars
against myself and the whole damn world
just hopin‘ it‘ll turn out alright
How contradictory is this? I'm awake in the most surreal dream
and I wish there was a way out of this...

It‘s 5 o‘clock in the morning, I‘m sittin‘ on a rooftop

Do you know a way out?
I‘d be glad for advice!
My damn life‘s contradictory!
I don‘t wanna go out!
Fuck your smelly advice!
My damn life‘s contradictory!
Track Name: How to scream
A generation whispers cries to your ears
as they forgot how to scream
You choke our breath and you wrap us up in fears
it‘s getting harder breathe
Learn how to scream, you gotta learn how to scream!

When did the world become so cruel?
...still everyone seems to be cool with it
Sheeps dressed like wolves covering up
that they‘re confused, abused.

I am asking you is all love gone?
Cuz I haven‘t seen it for so long
We always claim to be so strong but in fact we are weak all along

Running away, ran out of reasons to stay
looking the other way can‘t find the courage to say
"Your oppression´s reached its highest peak
it‘s so hard to sing when you can‘t even speak"
Frustration shows in shape of our tears
which we dry before you see
We‘re not as strong as we claim to be
we are hurt, lost, lonely and weak
Track Name: Friend
We are the shattered pieces of our own broken homes
as we‘re walking those alleys, no salvation is known
but the passion we share glues our bruised souls
so please make this promise to me cuz I have troubles falling asleep

Don‘t give up, my friend There‘s plenty of time for us to be spent

This resignation is our worst enemy
I just hope we don‘t lose ourselves entirely
cuz we can‘t make a stand on our very selves
please don‘t go anywhere I couldn‘t follow you

Don't give up, my friend cuz there's plenty of time for us to be spent
and I couldn't stand you missing anything
Never ever give up!
Track Name: Josh & Kate
Brian and Mary had Josh and Kate
but they treated their kids kinda strange
Josh was loved and treated well
Kate's life used to be pure hell

A modicum of food so she didn't die
A tiny room with barely a ray of light
held in a cage her entire life
each day abused and forced by Brian
...oh Brian, what have you done?

Josh the dog is still alive perfectly domesticated and cute
Kate the cow is long since dead does her meat really taste so good?
Track Name: First guitar
Well I was like 14 years when I got my first guitar
It took me two years beggin for it before my father showed some heart then a tiny amp and a cheap six-string
brought perspective to my life
and I escaped from that place that wasn't home enough for me

Ten years later my heart's still pumping just for this
cuz I know no better feeling than this energy is giving me
All the friends we have made and the shows we have played
it was worth it all the while.
Every second that we spent following our hearts
payed off double in the end
This is a life long dedication to the shelter I found in this
and all that thanks to my first guitar

Reminiscing 'bout younger days, my life in this one horse town
I got a guitar from my grandma and I was instantly bound
I started a band to express myself, amplify my love and hate
this tool still serves me best whether I feel bad or great

Upstairs in bed sleepless, listened instead to every low frequency
came from the cellar of our house went into everything I'm now
Damn, I owe you one, oh brother

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